Travelling to Bali with Erupting Volcano

Is it Safe? + 5D4N Itinerary & Expenses

A few months ago, my cousins, a friend and I,  planned a short trip to Bali. A couple of weeks before our departure day, everything was settled. We were excited for the trip. Then Mount Agung erupted. 


Mount Agung is one of the active volcanoes in Bali. Since September, it’s been showing signs that it might erupt. On November 21,  Mount Agung started spewing smoke. I wasn’t worried since the volcano was far from Kuta. People near the area of Mount Agung were evacuated. On November 26, magmatic eruption began. The island was at its highest alert level, which resulted to closing of Bali International Airport. All flights to/from Bali got cancelled. That's when I started worrying since our flight schedule was Dec. 3. It was a few days away and Bali Airport is closed until further notice.

Our flight was booked with AirAsia. When Bali International Airport had closed because of the volcanic eruption, AirAsia started to update their clients on their twitter account regarding how to claim the refund of the cancelled flight to/from Bali. Volcanic eruption usually lasts a day to weeks, or even up to months. We started to think of another option in case Bali airport extends its closure. We already thought of having Hanoi as our second option, but still, we never gave up on Bali.


On November 29 at 3pm, Bali Airport started to operate on limited flights. Everyday, AirAsia posted updated list of flights to/from Bali on their twitter account. FORTUNATELY, the only flights available going to Bali from Singapore was our booked flight. So we waited until our departure day, and decided to ramify how we can get back  home once we arrive in Bali. Which was not a good idea by the way, but still we took the risk.  That’s how badly we wanted to go to Bali. 


Until the day of our departure, AirAsia only had one flight to Bali from Singapore. We boarded our plane, and had a smooth flight. When we arrived in  Bali International Airport, everything seems to be normal. You see travellers going in and out of Bali airport . It was like nothing happened.  We meet  our driver, and off we go to our booked hostel.

 We spent 5 days and 4 nights exploring Bali. From my experience, I say it is safe to travel to Bali.  But always stay cautious though. Lucky for us, a day before our flight back to Singapore, all flights to/from Bali were resumed.  On December 7th, we had a smooth flight back to Singapore with our original scheduled flight.  We arrived back in Singapore safely, and with good memories of  our great adventures in Bali. 


Below is our 5D4N Bali Itinerary with expenses. 


bali  Itinerary  and  expenses

5D4N Bali Itinerary and expenses
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Anyone planning to visit Bali  soon? Have questions? Leave it in the comment section below. I'll be happy to answer them. 

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