CEBU | Exploring the quiet town of Tabuelan

It has been a privilege to come back to this wonderful town in 7 years. I was still in college when I first visited this quiet town of Tabuelan. A friend of mine drags me and my sister here to his friend's house.  Our parents don't want us to spend overnights somewhere else unless if it's school related. So, we ask permission that we're doing a case study. She agreed. But eventually, she found out that we're lying. Coz we ended up spending two nights in this town. 


Now that I'm an adult, I get to go anywhere I want without asking permission. Well, I still have to let them know where I'm going though. In case they didn't hear from me for a month, they know where they'll start a search party. ;)


Ok, back to our topic. There hasn't been a lot of changes in this town since my last visit. Still, phone signal is limited. Which is a good thing in this day and age. You have an excellent excuse for enjoying this wonderful place without email and social media notifications popping up on your phone screen, and bothering you every now and then. 


So if you're curious what's waiting for you in Tabuelan, CEBU... watch this 1-minute video to find out.


Til next adventure!