Get to know the adventurer behind this blog...



 My name is Synzwhich all my friends call me. (Insert handshake here)


I'm currently working in a full-time job, and blogging on my spare time. In my line of work, holidays and vacations are seldom. So when my boss grants me that vacation I asked for,  I make sure that it counts. I do hope though that one day, I can do the other way around. Travel full-time and work part-time. 


I believe there are 3 versions of me. So let me introduce you to them.

Synz Memoir Author


The Traveller


The one that looooves to travel! Who doesn't right?


When I was a child, I already knew I wanted to do that. TRAVELLING!


When I hit high school, I started to drag my friends to explore some unexplored areas near our place.


Then when I get to college, I meet amazing people who introduced me to backpacking, hiking and adventure. It was the kind of high I was looking for.  And since then, I started to backpack to places I've never imagined I can go. Explored uncharted territories. It was that time of my life when I realize I can go wherever I wish to go.


Since then, I never stop exploring new places. Always planning my next trip. And constantly looking for new adventures! 

The wannabe Photographer


The one who's always ready to capture the moments.


Photography is another thing I love doing. IN FACT, I put specific page for that here in my blog. See that PHOTOGRAPHY tab there? There! From time to time, I upload photos I love and personally took.


I think I started this hobby when I was in grade school. My parents have this film camera. And you know, it's always the eldest who decides who bring it. ;)


Then come those point and shoot cameras on the market. I remember asking them to buy one for US (by US I mean my siblings). As always it turns out I got to keep the camera.


Then I came to know about DSLR. I really wanted to buy one for myself. But when I brought my cousins DSLR on one of my travels, I realize then that I don't want to have that bulky thing.  So I asked my Dad to buy those M4/3 cameras instead. He bought me a LUMIX GX7 as a birthday present. And until now, I'm loving every bit of it! :)


I would like to hear your feedback on my photos though.  Your comments, tips, criticisms and violent reactions to my photos are highly appreciated! ;)


 I don't consider myself as pro in Photography. I think, I still have a lot to learn on that subject. All I want is to take a great shot and share it to you. I want you to see how beautiful our world is and be inspired to go out and have your own adventure.


Care to check my snaps? 


The Foodie


The version of me who's constantly searching for new cuisine to try.


Yup! I love food. It doesn't show much of my body, but I really love to eat. Oh! There's one thing I hate about food though.



One thing I always do when I travel to new places, I go foodtrippin'. As what my favorite chef/author points out, 'to really understand another culture, you have to embrace their cuisine'.  So I tried to do as much. Including exotic food. Yay!




Oh! AND there's another version of me, I forgot to mention...




The Nurse


The one who saves lives! Still working on it though.  :D

Now that you know me. It'll be nice if I know a little bit more about you too. Hit me a message. Anything you feel like doing. I love to know you. I know you have the same passion for travel and adventures like me. We could plan our next big adventure together (feeling positive here!) or not.


Or if you just want to stalk me. Feel free to do so. That's just fine with me. You can like my FB page, add me on G+, follow me on Twitter,  Instagram and Snapchat (working on it!), stream my snapshots on Flickr or subscribe to my email. You'll be the first to read about my new adventure. I pinky swear no spamming. I hate that too.


Time to go! Adventure awaits...



Don't forget to leave a message. I might stalk on you too. (wink!)